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Getting clear, intelligible pre-recorded messages and warning tones out to those who are in danger, during incidents or tactical operations will save the lives of those who can hear them. The AlertCommander® Pre-recorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery System consists of a pre-installed, feature-filled, proprietary AlertCommandPC© (ACPC) software program and a ruggedized, handheld portable Digital Output Station.


The ACPC program enables the user to record original voice messages in any language, download or record alert tones or warnings and other audio files, select, manipulate and edit the messages, save files in a local source library, select and broadcast files through SoundCommander® high power loudspeaker systems. The AlertCommander® system with its proprietary ACPC software is a flexible emergency notification solution with unique advanced capabilities. The AlertCommander® Digital Output Station is a ruggedized lightweight, hand held or desktop portable computer, from which the operator plays stored warnings, alert tones or voice messages through any SoundCommander®.


With the AlertCommander® Pre-recorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery System and any SoundCommander® system, the U.S. Armed Forces, police, fire, homeland security, refugee camps, colleges, universities, public venues and global emergency response services can select and project high quality pre-recorded files during any crisis or operation. AlertCommander® and SoundCommander®: Get your word out with confidence, exceptional clarity and intelligibility when every second counts.



Features of the AlertCommander® system include:

  • A lightweight, portable, handheld AlertCommander® Output Station with
  • Rugged, custom soft case with easy access to connectors and switches
  • Power and audio cables for the Windows® based PC
  • External charger
  • External computer microphone for quick local recording of voice messages
  • Instant on, with easy-to-use color touch screen
  • Built-in voice message recorder, to quickly record new messages or commands in any language Two CF or SD cards to store audio files and back up software
  • Two CF or SD cards to store audio files and back up software
  • Memory Card reader / writer
  • Rugged, MIL-SPEC transport case with storage for all included accessories and
  • Proprietary AlertCommandPC© (ACPC) software, installed on a user’s Windows® PC with
  • User-friendly, easy to understand and operate main program screen
  • Integral voice and file editing software which allows the user to Record voice messages, save, select and play warnings and messages downloaded in any language from a Windows® based PC
  • CD-quality output to SoundCommander® with hard-wired or wireless operation


Available Upgrades:

  • Desktop stand for use with AlertCommander® Digital Output Station (included in SCALERTC)
  • Microsoft Windows® 10.1 inch (or similar) touch screen netbook or notebook computer with pre-installed AlertCommandPC (ACPC)

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