SoundCommander 5600 AHD (Acoustic Hailing Device)


Take control with the highest levels of clarity and voice intelligibility with the new, more powerful SoundCommander® SC5600 Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD). Project highly intelligible, crystal-clear live-voice and pre-recorded announcements and warning tones up to 2000 meters. You’ll gain more coverage and flexibility with the only high-powered AHD that can be configured for narrow-beam (±15o) or wide-area tactical loudspeaker system for non-lethal support for crowd control, psychological operations, shipboard protection, emergency mass notification and all other tactical operations and public safety needs.


SC5600 Vehicle Mount

The new SC5600 is an array of six speakers that can be used as a single unit or two three-speaker arrays. Improved, optimized internal sound-dampening materials over previous SoundCommander 3600 Series speakers protect the hearing of anyone standing alongside or behind it. The SC5600 comes with a 500-Watt amplifier and newly designed electronics.


The SC5600’s new ruggedized aluminum housing reduces overall size and cuts system weight to 44 pounds for easier mounting on military and police vehicles and on Navy, Coast Guard and merchant ships. Stack or separate speaker arrays to meet any tactical, security or public safety sound need. Separating the system into two three-speaker arrays provides wide-area direction, and it lowers the overall height, reducing target size in combat operations. Equip it with:

  • New pan-and-tilt mechanism for improved sound direction
  • New rock guards to protect speakers from flying debris


SoundCommanders have a decades-long track record of service for military, homeland defense and police departments on land and at sea around the world. They are consistently best-rated for high-quality, high-volume live and pre-recorded voice and warning audio whenever and wherever needed.


The SoundCommander SC5600 complies with the provisions of MIL-STD 810F for vibration, salt fog, high/low temperatures, icing/freezing, rain, blowing rain and humidity.


Available Colors:

  • Loudspeaker Array Colors: Black, Gray, Desert Tan, Olive Green
  • Padded Cases: Black, Red, Coyote Tan and Camouflage
  • Custom Colors – Ask Us




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SoundCommander SC5600 (ADD-ONS)


Available Upgrades:

  • 256 channel UHF wireless transmitter/receiver set with plug on transmitter, for wireless communications
  • Heavy duty, 13’(4m) adjustable equipment stand with hand crank
  • 100 foot (30m) heavy-duty 14 gauge speaker extension cable
  • AlertCommander® portable Prerecorded Alert Warning and Message Delivery system – improves emergency communications and capability of SoundCommander® systems
  • The SC3500PA-D Dual amp system with array of twelve waterproof 60 Watt RMS reentrant horn loudspeakers mounted in a 360º pattern, on a heavy duty base plate for additional audio range and power
  • A Desktop/Command Center Central Base Station is also available to facilitate communications with multiple SoundCommander® systems, inside PA and other audio systems.


Datasheet Download



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