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For property management groups looking to secure and maintain the safety of their premises, IMLCORP stands ready with our state-of-the-art SoundCommander® emergency mass notification systems. 

These robust loudspeakers are engineered to slice through noise barriers with crystal clarity, ensuring that every critical alert and directive is heard, even across expansive complexes. 

Our systems, battle-tested in the most arduous military environments, offer unparalleled reliability that property managers can trust day in and day out. Whether it’s safeguarding residential communities or commercial properties, IMLCORP equips you with tailored audio solutions that command attention when it matters most. 

From the thunder of our horns in an evacuation scenario to the precision of our installations by seasoned sound engineers, we supply the tools to alert, inform, and protect. 

Commit to excellence in property management with IMLCORP’s certified and veteran-crafted safety systems. Let us help you safeguard your assets and the people under your care with our cutting-edge technology, superior service, and unwavering dedication to safety. 

Trust IMLCORP for all your emergency mass notification needs because when it comes to protecting lives and property, every second counts. So reach out today and let us be your partner in safety.

Products for Property Management

Community Commander Brand

Deliver emergency mass notification announcements, instructions and warnings loud and clear with the SoundCommander®.

Scientifically placed loudspeakers cover specific outdoor areas with powerful sirens and the clearest pre-recorded and live voice SoundCommander® 

When seconds count, there’s no time for doubt. Take control with SoundCommander®.

Products for Property Management

SoundCommander® Solar and Battery Backup Systems

The SoundCommander® Solar and Battery Backup System is an emergency power system that uses solar energy to keep mass notification, critical equipment and other life safety systems running during a power outage. This system is available in 240, 600, and 3800 Watt Hour sizes to accommodate different needs. SoundCommander® Solar and Battery Backup System is an essential part of any emergency response plan.

This system uses solar panels to generate electricity, so it’s completely emissions-free. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable source of power when you need it most. It has a battery backup, so you’ll never be without power, even if the sun isn’t shining.

Products for Property Management



ALERTCOMMANDER® is a feature filled pre-recorded alert tone, warning and voice message delivery system that enables the user to download audio files, record their own messages or warnings, select, manipulate and edit the messages, then project the highest quality pre-recorded sound files through SOUNDCOMMANDER® high power, loudspeaker systems.

The ALERTCOMMANDER® system is unique in its advanced capabilities, flexibility, portability and light weight.