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Take Control of the Situation with One Powerful Voice

IML CORP Crowd Control

SoundCommander® SC1100 Portable and Mounted TacticalLightweight Loudspeaker Systems

Easily communicate critical information and directions with the highest voice clarity.

  • Powerful voice and siren projection - 1000 meters or more

  • Multiple carry options

  • Vehicle mountable

  • 10 to 12 hours continuous battery operation 

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Pre-Recorded Warning and Message Delivery

Send pre-recorded messages and warning tones to save lives .

Use our hand-held tablet with its unique advanced capabilities to:

  • Download, Select and Edit Messages

  • Store Unlimited Files

  • Record Your Messages

  • Project Your Tones and Messages

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Fixed and Deployable Emergency Mass Notification Loudspeaker Systems

Blanket large areas with the clearest, most intelligible sound available with our f ixed SC360 and deployable SC3500 Giant Voice systems.

  • Full 360º coverage

  • Highly intelligible .87 STI score

  • SC3500 sets up in minutes

  • SC360 base station controls multiple speaker arrays

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